Don’s Education:

B.S. UW- Oshkosh  M.A. Georgetown University

My Philosophy

Utilize a non-partisan, collaborative, common sense, goals-focused, problem solving approach to identify needs and implement solutions to enhance and improve the fiscal health and quality of life in our community.


My Mission

To continue bringing people together who have a common vision and goal to work together with government, businesses, community and other organizations, to implement public-private partnerships where appropriate, to achieve those objectives.


My Goals

1. Continue using the public-private partnership model to work with the Milwaukee County Parks Department, Village of Hales Corners, Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce, the Friends of Hales Corners Park & Pool and other entities to improve and enhance Hales Corners Park. The most recent project was completed in the fall of 2015- 50 x 80 volleyball sand court project that will be ready for community to utilize and enjoy beginning this spring.

2. Complete development and construction of the Alyson Dudek International Ice Center. The Center is named in honor of lifetime Hales Corners resident Alyson Dudek to recognize her achievements in speed skating and winning the Bronze Medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The project will include a 100 x 200’ outdoor ice rink and a 22 x 49’ outdoor pavilion with restrooms, concession area and storage. The ice rink will be open to the public free of charge during the winter months, weather permitting and will be located northwest of the Hales Corners Park parking lot, south of the kiddie pool. Plunkett Raysich Architects (PRA) and Hunzinger Construction have been valuable partners with this project. For more information about the Friends of Hales Corners Park & Pool or to donate to the Ice Center, project please go to

3. Work with Village citizens to create neighborhood associations throughout the Village to encourage and enable our residents to take ownership of their neighborhoods. Wauwatosa and West Allis have neighborhood associations and they are making a positive impact to those communities.

4. Continue to demonstrate fiscal responsibility to Hales Corners residents by working within our budget and finding creative ways to finance projects necessary to maintain property values within our community.

Elected Village Trustee in 2003,
Reelected in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, & 2016

Don Schwartz: Working to Improve Services & Quality of Life
in Hales Corners

Saved the Hales Corners Park & Pool from closing

Worked with the Hales Corners American Legion Post and the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Friends of Hales Corners Park & Pool to develop and build the Veterans Memorial & the sand volleyball court.

Co-founder of the Friends of Hales Corners Park & Pool

Worked to develop the Jerry & Dorothy Holz Outdoor Shelter & Alyson Dudek International Ice Center

Established the Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce. Rechartered after being defunct for 26 years.

Worked to get the support and confidence of our Milwaukee County Supervisor who then was able to pass an amendment to get funding for the first time in fifty years for a new roof & pool liner for the Hales Corners Pool house.

Worked with the Village Board to fix roads & keep our taxes as low as possible

Worked with the Village & Community Development Authority to renovate the Hales Corners Shopping Center

Sand Volleyball Court Built at Hales Corners Park


The Friends of Hales Park & Pool raised the funds and built this volleyball sand court. Community volleyball leagues were played on the court all last summer and will every summer.

Dan ODonnell Interviews Don Schwartz

Dan ODonnell interviewed  Don Schwartz on July 11, 2017 about the Alyson Dudek International Ice Center and the Jerry and Dorothy Holz family shelter projects coming up in Hales Corners Park.

What The Community Says About Don

I would like to take this opportunity to write a letter of recommendation for an individual who is an outstanding educator, an individual who puts children as a top priority, and the most influential and successful community advocate that I have had the privilege to work with over the past twenty five years.

Don is one of those unique individuals who not only has a clear vision and goals for our community, but he also has the ability to communicate that vision in a very positive and inspirational manner to young and old alike. His direct, caring, friendly, and enthusiastic manner is extremely motivating and inspirational for students, parents, and our entire community.

One very positive example occurred in 2003 when the Hales Corners community pool was slated for demolition by Milwaukee County. Don used his political skills to work directly with the Milwaukee County Parks Department to find out what it would take to have this decision reversed. He organized the entire community in a fund raising effort to raise almost a million dollars to maintain and preserve our community pool.

And of course, what would compliment a pool in our community? How about the Alyson Dudek International Ice Center. Don realized how much our entire community would benefit from this project and in within three short years we not only have the ice skating rink for current and future generations to enjoy, but we also have a park pavilion scheduled for construction in the coming year.

The list of Don’s contributions to the community is quite extensive. From serving on the Village Board, to serving as the driving force for our Veterans Memorial Project, to re-establishing and re-creating the Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce. Don not only participates and is a strong proponent of public-private partnerships, he gets things done! I personally appreciate someone with a positive attitude who not only puts the needs of others first, but has the ability to convey that positive attitude to everyone in our community.

Don is a tireless worker who has demonstrated a willingness to donate thousands of hours to provide the foundation necessary for success. Yes, it is a great achievement to be an outstanding educator, but when you take those skills and use them to positively impact a community, you have something very special. The Village of Hales Corners would not be what it is today if it were not for the inspirational and organizational skills of Don Schwartz.

With his ability and positive attitude, he has touched the lives of countless families and community members of all ages.

If you have any questions or desire any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr. Lowell Holtz

Former Superintendent, Whitnall School District

As an architect who has studied the work of Frederick Law Olmsted, perhaps the greatest of America’s landscape architects, I am enamored by the necklace of parks he designed in Milwaukee County. Beautiful parks require money to remain beautiful and amenities to remain relevant. Hales Corners Park and Pool are beautiful AND relevant because of the tireless efforts of Don Schwartz. I have known Don professionally for 17 years and have had the distinct pleasure of working with Don on two of Hales Corners Park’s recent projects, the Veterans Memorial and the Alyson Dudek International Ice Center. I know few people as tenaciously committed to the success of their communities as Don. Whether leading his team during visioning meetings, or mounting aggressive capital campaigns, Don builds momentum, consensus and public-private partnerships to turn dreams into reality.

John Holz

Partner, Plunkett Raysich Architects

It is not an overstatement to say that a majority of the civic improvements made within the past 15 years in the Village of Hales Corners, Wisconsin, would not have been accomplished without the vision, commitment, and hands-on leadership of Donald G. Schwartz.

As a Trustee of Hales Corners, Don shares responsibility for the Village’s ongoing policy-making, budgeting, and administration, but his community involvement extends far beyond his official duties. Among other initiatives, Don has been the driving force in:

• Re-establishing the Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce, which had been defunct for more than 26 years.

• Co-founding the Friends of Hales Corners Park and Pool, a grassroots

citizens’ organization formed to rescue the local park and pool targeted for demolition by Milwaukee County.

• Providing visionary leadership in the building of the Alyson Dudek

International Ice Center in Hales Corners for winter enjoyment, at no charge,

by residents of southeastern Wisconsin.

• Organizing and leading successful fundraising and promotional efforts that

resulted in the construction of the Hales Corners Veterans Memorial.

Additional details about Don’s involvement in these initiatives is found in the

book, “Hales Corners, Wisconsin – A History of the Village Since 1837,” published in January 2015 by the Hales Corners Historical Society. I designed the book and am the current President of the Hales Corners Historical Society

. Don is one of only 10 Village residents whose contributions to our community were deemed so significant that they were documented on individual pages in the book.

Alan Strekow

President of the Hales Corners Historical Society

It is a sincere pleasure to write this letter of recommendation in support Don Schwartz. I have known Don for the past 8.5 years, first as a high school principal and then as a school district administrator.

From the moment I met Don, I recognized in him a deeply rooted passion for people and for enabling others to actively pursue their brightest futures. Don is always a forward thinker, an optimist, a problem-solver, and humanist. At the high school, we constantly struggled with ways to involve students in their community. I met Don at a local event, and once we started talking, I knew that the doors would open. Because of Don, we were able to establish a partnership with the Village of Hales Corners Fire/EMT Department. To this day, the department takes on up to two high school interns as EMTs every year. These students have gone on to college and secured jobs or even continued their educations because of this opportunity. Mr. Schwartz is never one to stop at just one success story. There are many, many instances where, formally or informally, Don has made this community, this area, into a better place for all. Be it his extensive work in truly saving the Hales Corners Pool, celebrating our home grown Olympian via an ice arena in the park, or facilitating job and internship placements for high school students, Don Schwartz believes in people and puts his faith in his community into action.

As a district administrator charged with developing a strategic plan for the school district, I immediately turned to Don for his involvement on our committee. True to form, Don Schwartz became the most involved and driving force in the extensive strategic planning sessions. He worked with staff, parents, student, school board members, community members, business partners, and politicians to develop plausible and real world solutions to the district’s commitment to college and career readiness. Because of Don’s work, the district had not only a strategic plan but also incredible action plans to meet and exceed goals, goals that closely tied the community to the students and staff of the school district.

Personally and professionally, I have found Don Schwartz to be an outstanding mentor, incredible thinker, and voracious problem-solver. His passion and compassion are contagious. In all honesty, I can state that this community would not look, feel, or be what it is today, a great place, without Don Schwartz. Because of him, the grass is greener, the community is stronger, and the future is brighter. I have seen it through the students and lives he has touched, including mine.

Anthony Brazouski

PHD, Former Executive Director of Academic Achievement, Whitnall School District

Don has a unique skill of building private-public partnerships. He is a natural leader and an open-minded problem solver. He seeks to find a balance between both public and private views and is experienced in making connections between the two to reach an optimal outcome. The background he has developed in his public roles blends both a civic-minded greater good idea with an understanding of how the private sector can benefit form getting involved to make it happen.

Patrick McGlin

Vice Chairman, Community Development Authority, Village of Hales Corners

I’ve been active in many Chambers of Commerce and even a past president of one. I enjoy the camaraderie of other professionally minded community leaders. Don was a great find when I joined the Hales Corners Chamber. Being a smaller community, they often barely exist in such a suburb.

Here was Don who is well connected through many sources both public and private organizations. He has an obvious love for this community and someone you can count on to get things done! He sees an issue, organizes a group of leaders, carves out an achievable goal and moves forward to accomplish that objective. He has the unique ability to see the big picture, know the details that take to get something done and can coordinate the people into a coalition to move forward!

I’ve enjoyed working with him on the HC Chamber’s Sign Committee. He showed me that the Village of Hales Corners can be counted on to partner with the business community to make it better for both citizens and business! We didn’t get everything we hoped for, but we got a great start on building a better environment for growth in HC.

Don – to you I say thanks for all you do for the businesses, parks, citizens and village.

John Brandt

CPA, National Accounting & Business Solutions SC

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your letter in support of my husband (and myself) in his petition to obtain legal permanent residency. Your letter meant the world to us, and I am certain it played a part in what I am happy to report was a successful request – his permanent residency was approved. We are very happy to be back in our Hales Corners home of 9 years and among community-oriented people such as yourself.

Colleen & Cornelio

Residents of Hales Corners

The American Legion Post 299 and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10394, both located in Hales Corners, Wisconsin, decided to join together on a project.  Their desire was to finance, plan, and build a veterans memorial.  The first step was to get a committee together consisting of members of each group.  I am proud to say that I am one of the original members.  After a few meetings we realized we needed more help.  We needed architects, bankers, construction companies, and someone experienced in the ways of government.

One of the volunteers was Donald G. Schwartz.  He is a Hales Corners Village Board Trustee.   His expertise was in the public and private sectors.  Not an easy job.  Don assisted in every aspect of the building of the Veteran’s Memorial.   He attended many meetings on his own time, usually at night.  He applied for and received the various permits.  He laid out the timetable for every project and he let us know who to contact and when to contact them.  He made things happen at all levels of government and in the private sector.  Two of Don’s successful public assignments were to assist in the organization and emcee both the groundbreaking and dedication ceremonies.  We broke ground on September 11, 2011, we started construction in April of 2012, and the dedication was May 28, 2012.

Prior to the ground breaking ceremony Don contacted local, state, and national politicians and arranged from them to participate and to speak at this event.  He set the program and emceed the ceremony.


In planning for the dedication ceremony in May, 2012, Don again contacted the various community leaders, police and fire departments, local high schools, and several veterans groups to participate in the event. He assigned responsibilities to each group.  He created an agenda and communicated this to everyone.  On the morning of the dedication he made sure each group was in their assigned place and they knew what needed to done.  Again Don was the emcee for this ceremony.  It started on time and it progressed with dignity and reverence.

Don is not a military veteran.  After working with him the members of the Veterans Memorial Committee realize he has a great respect for any man or woman who has served their country with honor.  He continues to be active on the Veteran’s Memorial Committee.  He has and continues to contribute to the success of the Memorial and to the citizens of Hales Corners, Wisconsin.

Harold Bolstad

Marine Veteran, Vietnam Veteran. , Charter member Veteran’s Memorial Committee, Hales Corners, WI

Veterans Memorial groundbreaking ceremony on September 11, 2011. Congressman Paul Ryan, Mark Herr, Partner, Plunkett Raysich Architects and Don Schwartz

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