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I believe politics can be an honorable profession and one person can make a difference. With this being said, I don’t subscribe to the liberal or conservative political ideology. I don’t want to limit my options. If an idea or law is fair to the most number of people I’m for it. Like President Theodore Roosevelt’s political philosophy, “If you do the most good for the majority of people you transcend political affiliations.” In other words, if one political party uses primarily private resources (especially money) to further the political goals of a political ideology over the other the result will be a never ending battle between political parties over public policy and ultimately liberty is compromised and the country is left with an unbalanced democracy and more chaos. In the same light, if the other side believes government is the answer for public policies we limit the human spirit. I believe we have had a lot of trial and error over the past 240 years and lessons learned that it should allow us to establish public – private partnerships on government public policies on behalf of the American people. Between the creativity and spirit of our people and the vast wealth that exists there is no reason why we can’t solve our challenges with fairness to all Americans. We just need a new mindset to make it happen.

Develops And Builds Relationships and trust with elected leaders, citizens, and the business community in the City of Franklin, City of Greenfield, Village of Hales Corners, and City of Milwaukee by choosing to do better each and every day.

Don’s Education:

" Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance".

- Robert F. Kennedy

Donald Schwartz gladly has a job to do in Hales Corners:

Photo credit: Patrick McGlinn Donald Schwartz participates in the dedication of the Veterans Memorial in Hales Corners in May 2012. His involvement in Hales Corners continues.

By Abby Nitta Published on: 9/8/2015

Hales Corners —A passion for community development, a love for relationships, and a drive to see private-public partnerships is what keeps Donald Schwartz busy.

As a village board trustee, president of the Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce and president of the Friends of Hales Corners Park & Pool, Schwartz already has what some might consider a full workload.

Now, add to that a new job: He was recently named vice president of project development at Burlington-based Scherrer Construction. His return to the private sector comes after 10 years of teaching political science at University of Wisconsin campuses and Carthage College.

But his workload remains focused on life in the village.

Part of village team

Schwartz has lived in Hales Corners for 24 years with his wife, Suzanne. They have two adult children, Matthew and Caroline. But his family extends much more broadway into the village.

Schwartz was elected a village board trustee in 2003 and has been re-elected six times. 'I look at what I've been doing in the community, and my role is a community connector. I believe that (for) all elected officials, that's their primary role — to connect people, to help people,' Schwartz said.

Revitalizing the Chamber of Commerce and saving the Hales Corners Park & Pool were two projects in which Schwartz was heavily involved.

In 2003, the Chamber of Commerce had been mostly defunct for more than 26 years. Now, the chamber — which represent local businesses, government bodies, and nonprofit organizations — currently has 92 members.

Since forming Friends of Hales Corners Park & Pool, the nonprofit organization has restored the park's pool and created recycling opportunities for the community.

The organization also has plans for further development, such as an ice center and sand volleyball courts on the park campus.

'He gets things done — if he takes on something, he's going to see it through,' Whitnall School District Superintendent Lowell Holtz said. 'Because no one person can do it themselves, he's good at building a team. He knows how to delegate.'

'If you want to talk about someone who's active in the community, Don Schwartz is right at the top,' Holtz said.

Public-private efforts

Schwartz believes that strong private-public partnerships benefit the community.

'I just love watching the free market — not only the free market of business, but the free market of ideas between public and private,' Schwartz said. 'When you have government entities and business and community organizations interacting — that free market of ideas — the possibilities are unlimited.'

Providing safe communities with good schools, housing and culture will attract the next generation of community leaders, Schwartz said.

'We have to be looking at the talent that's out there, and how do we bring talent to the community. We have to continue to build up our community.'

Schwartz hopes that positive dialogue will encourage new businesses in Hales Corners. From the village government standpoint, simplifying the process of opening a new business and communicating policies and regulations will reduce the 'friction' that often results from a lack of understanding in that process, Schwartz said.

'For the businesses that have been here for a hundred years, we want them to be here for another hundred years,' Schwartz said. 'We want to celebrate successes, but we don't want to be satisfied — we can't become complacent.'


Save the Hales Corners Pool from Closing

Friends of Hales Corners Park & Pool -Since 2003 our mission is to keep Hales Corners Park & Pool open and operating and to continue to develop a recreational environment for residents in the Village and surrounding communities to enjoy. We are recognized by the IRS as a 501 c(3) charitable corporation. If you have any questions or would like to get involved and assist us, please call or text us at" 414-418-8299 or visit www.halescornesrpark.com

Co-founder of the Friends of Hales Corners Park & Pool

Established the Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce. Rechartered after being defunct for 26 years.

Worked with the Hales Corners American Legion Post and the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Friends of Hales Corners Park & Pool to develop and build the Veterans Memorial & the sand volleyball court.

Worked to develop the Alyson Dudek International Ice Center, Reiman Rink & Veterans Family Pavilion

Save the Hales Corners Pool from Closing

Worked with the Village Board to fix roads & keep our taxes as low as possible

Worked with the Village & Community Development Authority to renovate the Hales Corners Shopping Center

Sand Volleyball Court Built at Hales Corners Park:

The Friends of Hales Park & Pool raised the funds and built this volleyball sand court. Community volleyball leagues were played on the court all last summer and will every summer.

Public-Private Partnerships & Strategic Partnerships:

Partnership Working In Greenfield

Reelected in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2016 & 2019

Ethan’s Run Against Addiction Campaign

In my campaign, I want to focus on strategic partnerships with Milwaukee County to further strengthen District 9, communities of Greenfield, Franklin, Hales Corners, and the City of Milwaukee.

Pictured with Co-founder Coach Richard Dodd, in Konkel Park in the City of Greenfield, June 2018 for the First Annual Ethan’s Run Against Addiction. The fourth annual event will be in the memory of Ethan-monson-Dupuis who died at age 25 from an accidental heroin overdose in 2016.

“Ethan Monson-Dupuis died at age 25 from an accidental heroin overdose in 2016. Join us in the effort to destigmatize addiction. Help raise awareness that addiction is a brain disease, not a character flaw or a lack of willpower.

Run or walk in honor of someone in recovery or who had lost their fight.

All proceeds go to the Ethan Monson-Dupuis opiate recovery fund through Aurora Health Care Foundation.

With my Co-founder Richard Dodd, Ethan's Run Against Addiction. To date, over $300,000.00 has been raised. All proceeds go to The Ethan Monson-Dupuis Opiate Recovery Fund through Aurora Health Care Foundation.

Community Alliance 2022 Safe Strider Sponsorship Letter


For the past 4 years, Community Alliance Coalition has brought together community partners to plan events and activities that provide education and awareness to reduce substance misuse and promote healthy activities.  

Safe Strides is a pedestrian safety and health campaign that increases our residents access to physical activity. Last year, Safe Strides partnered with over 9 organizations, businesses, and residents to provide 150 high-quality pedestrian safety vests for FREE to Hales Corners and Greendale residents. In anticipation of increased demand due to popularity and positive feedback from recipients, our goal is to provide 300 vests this spring.

Why safety vests? Walking is a proven stress relief technique with a bonus of being a great workout for all ages. Utilizing positive stress relief techniques builds our resilience. Resilience is a protective factor against many unhealthy behaviors including substance misuse, which is exactly what Community Alliance is committed to helping residents avoid. Additionally, walking is a low-cost physical activity, making it an accessible option.

Unfortunately, many neighborhoods in both villages do not have sidewalks, which increases the risk of injury to residents who must walk in the street. Throughout the year, pedestrians face multiple visibility issues including distracted driving, shortened days in the winter months, and physical barriers such as parked cars and snowbanks. To improve safety for walkers, we are writing to request a donation to purchase reflective safety vests to be distributed to residents in both communities.

Community Alliance is interested in purchasing at least 300, class 2 lime-colored reflective safety vests, with zippers, from Safety Mart in Hales Corners. When purchasing 100+, the cost per vest is approximately $6.20, including tax. The total cost for 300 vests is $1,860.  The vests would be distributed free of charge to residents of both communities through our Police Departments. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

To demonstrate the impact of your contribution, please see the table below.

Donation Amount

# of residents safely walking to reduce stress







[DONOR ORGANIZATION’s] name and logo will be displayed on all advertising and the health promotion materials distributed with each vest in recognition of your contribution.

Please contact me if [DONOR ORGANIZATION] is willing to make a donation to purchase any quantity of reflective safety vests.  We appreciate your time in considering our request. Checks must be payable to the Greendale Health Department. Donations are due by March 15th. Please provide your organizational logo and any marketing materials to Holly Miller at that time to ensure your organization is recognized!


Holly Miller

Coalition Co-Coordinator


Donald G. Schwartz

Community Alliance Team Member


Shawna Gabriel

Hales Corners Health Officer


Dedicated to Community

At a Franklin Noon Lions Club meeting

With the Franklin Noon Lions Club at the City of Franklin Christmas parade.

With Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley at the Veterans Memorial in Hales Corners Park.

Ethan’s Run Against Addiction Campaign

With Patrick McGlinn, Village resident, and his son Mitchell, at the Annual Holz Motors Car Show

One of 14 recycling containers at businesses Hales Corners. I intend to expand this recycling program throughout District 9 to help pay for keeping the Milwaukee County-owned asset, Hales Corners Park & Pool open.

With a constituent at the Veterans Memorial in Hales Corners

With Hales Corners Police Officers. I back the badge.

With Pastor Keith Johnson at a Hales Corners Lions Club event.

February 17, 2022

The work and progress continues at Ballpark Commons in Franklin! I can’t wait for summer!

Meeting New Friends

Had an awesome tonight networking and meeting new friends like Senator Julian Bradley and John Graber as a guest of my friend, Steve F. Taylor, at the Annual Reagan dinner sponsored by the Republican Party of Milwaukee County.
Also, was able to catch up with my long time family friend, Dan O'Donnell, who did an outstanding job as the emcee tonight.
I plan to attend a Democratic Party event later this month. Why? I never want to limit political options.
I lay out my experience, political philosophy and goals on my website as the next Milwaukee County Supervisor in District 9.

Thank you!l

Hello FB Friends!

I’m excited to be a candidate for the Milwaukee County Supervisory District 9 election on April 5, 2022

Please see below about my upcoming Meet & Greet fundraiser, and feel free to share with other interested parties.

Thank you!


Donald G. Schwartz
Candidate, Milwaukee County Supervisor, District 9

If you wish to support my campaign, please make personal (no business) checks payable to Friends of Don Schwartz and send them to me at 5811 S. 121st Street, Hales Corners, WI 53130. Thank you