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Milwaukee County
Supervisor District #9 Candidate

How To Donate

Donations up to $1,064 per person may be made by personal check and sent to:
Donald Schwartz, 5811 S. 121st Street, Hales Corners, WI 53130
Please include your Name, address, and, if $100 or more, name of employer Your Support is Greatly Appreciated! Thank You!

Donald G. Schwartz
“Building Community”

Hales Corners & Greendale

Community Alliance

Safe Strides

As a County Supervisor in District 9, I will expand this public-private partnership into Franklin, Greenfield, and the City of Milwaukee.

March 13, 2022
For the past 4 years, Community Alliance Coalition has brought together community partners to plan events and activities that provide education and awareness to reduce substance misuse and promote healthy activities.  
Safe Strides is a pedestrian safety and health campaign that increases our residents access to physical activity.
Last year, Safe Strides partnered with over 9 organizations, businesses, and including residents to provide 150 high-quality pedestrian safety vests for FREE to Hales Corners and Greendale residents.
We are now looking to expand the Safe Strides program, a public- private partnership to include Franklin, Greenfield, and Milwaukee.  
Why safety vests? 
Walking is a proven stress relief technique with a bonus of being a great workout for all ages. 
Utilizing positive stress relief techniques builds our resilience. 
Resilience is a protective factor against many unhealthy behaviors including substance misuse, which is exactly what Community Alliance is committed to helping residents avoid. 
Additionally, walking is a low-cost physical activity, making it an accessible option.
Unfortunately, many neighborhoods in our communities do not have sidewalks, which increases the risk of injury to residents who must walk in the street. 
Throughout the year, pedestrians face multiple visibility issues including distracted driving, shortened days in the winter months, and physical barriers such as parked cars and snowbanks. 
To improve safety for walkers, we are writing to request a donation to purchase reflective safety vests to also be distributed to residents in Franklin, Greenfield, and Milwaukee. 
To demonstrate the impact of your contribution, please see the table below.
Donation Amount
# of residents safely walking to reduce stress
$100- 16
Your business logo and your name will be displayed on all advertising and the health promotion materials distributed with each vest in recognition of your contribution.
Please contact us if you, your business and organization are willing to make a donation to purchase any quantity of reflective safety vests.  
We appreciate your time in considering our request. Checks must be payable to the Greendale Health Department.
Please provide your organizational logo and any marketing materials to Holly Miller at that time to ensure your organization is recognized!
Holly Miller
Coalition Co-Coordinator
Donald G. Schwartz
Community Alliance Team Member
Shawna Gabriel
Hales Corners Health Officer


My wife Marian and I have lived in Franklin since 1974 and have watched our city grow in many ways. I have been involved with several volunteer organizations and active in the community. I have learned to continue this growth in Franklin. Our Milwaukee County Supervisor must work closely with our city leaders and their staff. This has not recently been happening. We need new leadership.
Donald Schwartz is running for County Supervisor for District 9 on April 5, 2022. The district includes the western portion of Franklin, all of the Village of Hales Corners, the western part of Greenfield, and a small part of Milwaukee.
Don is most experienced in public service. His involvement in community services is where I got to know Don and work with him. Franklin needs a man like Don to see to it that Franklin is properly represented on the Milwaukee County Board.

Jim Luckey
President, Franklin Historical Society
Member, Franklin Noon Lions Club


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