Alan Strekow

President of the Hales Corners Historical Society

It is not an overstatement to say that a majority of the civic improvements made within the past 19 years in the Village of Hales Corners, Wisconsin, would not have been accomplished without the vision, commitment, and hands-on leadership of Donald G. Schwartz.

As a Trustee of Hales Corners, Don shares responsibility for the Village’s ongoing policy-making, budgeting, and administration, but his community involvement extends far beyond his official duties. Among other initiatives, Don has been the driving force in:

• Re-establishing the Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce, which had been defunct for more than 26 years.

• Co-founding the Friends of Hales Corners Park and Pool, a grassroots

citizens’ organization formed to rescue the local park and pool targeted for demolition by Milwaukee County.

• Providing visionary leadership in the building of the Alyson Dudek

International Ice Center in Hales Corners for winter enjoyment, at no charge,

by residents of southeastern Wisconsin.

• Organizing and leading successful fundraising and promotional efforts that

resulted in the construction of the Hales Corners Veterans Memorial.

Additional details about Don’s involvement in these initiatives is found in the

book, “Hales Corners, Wisconsin – A History of the Village Since 1837,” published in January 2015 by the Hales Corners Historical Society. I designed the book and am the current President of the Hales Corners Historical Society

. Don is one of only 10 Village residents whose contributions to our community were deemed so significant that they were documented on individual pages in the book.