Robert O’Connor

President, Jetz Convenience Centers

My name is Robert O‘Connor and I am the president of Jetz Convenience Centers which is headquartered in Hales Corners, Wisconsin. Jetz has been a member of the Hales Corners business community since 1997. Don Schwartz serves as a trustee for Hales Corners and because we have been headquartered in that community for over two decades, I have come to know him quite well. What I can say about Don is he is a very spirited, dedicated and impassioned person. When Don commits to a project, he is relentless in his pursuit of a complete and favorable conclusion.

I first came to know Don Schwartz as he revived and resuscitated a defunct Hales Corners Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is now an effective and thriving member of the Hales Corners business community. Don is committed to social service and has been a tremendous steward and advocate for the community of Hales Corners. Through his dedication and selfless contributions, the Hales Corners park, pool and Alyson Dudek International Ice Rink have become unique and beloved community icons. Through his position as trustee, Don has been very helpful working with other community leaders to bring forth a very supportive and proactive business climate.